Children's Shelters

In contribution to care, education and protection of disadvantaged children, the Women’s Charity Association (WOCA) has established 7 Children's Shelters, bringing up 180 children with special needs from 8 to 18 years old. Furthermore they set up a Social Professional Integration House for adolescent girls from 18 years old and above. At WOCA’s shelters, children get accommodation and receive healthcare and schooling which is suitable for their personality and aptitude development. The Biltema Foundation supports one of the shelter houses for 10 years.

When the children become 18 years old, they will be transferred to the Social Professional Integration House where they will gain knowledge and life skills, enjoy career orientation to get a better chance to integrate into social life and become good workers. This education enables the young adults to go to vocational schools, colleges or universities. We at Biltema Foundation are also very keen on providing education and knowledge to everyone, which is why we agreed to support WOCA.

The WOCA offers Scholarships for Vocational Training for the purpose of supporting poor and/or disabled children with special needs. They also help poor young people (especially female) to receive a vocational education and to start their own life, without facing social delinquency. Annually, scholarships are offered for about 300 pupils with excellent education results, who have made special efforts to overcome difficulties.

Over the last 20 years, the Children’s program at WOCA has cared for 800 disadvantaged boys and girls. Roughly 500 children have returned to their home or were able to earn their living themselves.

The Women’s Charity Association

The Women’s Charity Association of Ho Chi Minh was founded in June 1989 with the target to eliminate hunger, reduce poverty, take care of the lonely old, bring up orphans and help victims of natural disasters. 

At present, the number of children who are in a difficult situation - orphans, underprivileged, helpless, wandering to earn a living on the streets – in Vietnam is huge. They face various kinds of threats, such as the lack of education, diseases, poverty, sexual abuse and the risks involved in social delinquency. At the Biltema Foundation our focus lies on unprivileged people and especially children in need for which reason we support the projects of WOCA.

In collaboration with the Women’s Union in the District, WOCA helps to organize vocational training courses for young people in difficulties.

Over the past 19 years, resulting from the programs run by WOCA, efforts have been made to the HCMC government program to resolve the street children problem and to implement basic rights for disadvantaged children.

All projects are supported by local and foreign companies and private individuals. We are aware that daily costs of living in Vietnam are getting higher and in order to keep up with these expenses more funds are needed. Therefore the Biltema Foundation has agreed to provide its support for the next ten years.

More Information

For more information about WOCA visit their website