The Open Heart Children’s Village

The Open Heart Children’s Village near Manila, Philippines is a place for abandoned, orphaned and abused children. Biltema Foundation is the main donor and supporter of the Village.

Here they receive a new mother and new siblings in a conducive and attractive environment. Here they are taken care of with love and affection and can look forward to a bright future with possibilities of developing into responsible adults. As of December 2013 there are 22 children in the Village between 3.5 and 11 years. They all come from very difficult life situations. A brother and sister were abandoned on a bus station by their mother who told them to wait for her there but she never came back. Two little brothers were left by their mother in a relative’s home where they were physically abused with burning cigarettes until a neighbor reacted. Another pair of sibling´s mother died and the father left them in a shanty on the street to fend for themselves. The stories are as many as there are children, one sadder than the other.

Now all these children have found refuge in the Village. There are 9 family units so the number of children can rise to around 80. There is a preschool within the Village for the younger children and the older ones go to a public school. They proudly wear their school uniform and put their schoolbag on their shoulder because they know that education is important.

The Village is situated on the slope of a hill, where there is lush greenery, many plants and around 50 mango trees. Here the children can play and run around in their leisure time.

Biltema Foundation in cooperation with the Scandinavian Children´s Mission has set up a Children´s Village in the outskirts of Manila, Philippines.

Already 2009 the project was in a planning stage and by December 2011 the first building was inaugurated.

On a beautiful sloping property of 2 hectares the Children´s Village together with Children´s Mission HQ is now complete with altogether 9 building. The first children and mother parent moved in at the end of 2012. The Village is now slowly expanding and by the end of 2013, 22 children and 4 mothers occupy 4 houses – and more are to come.

This Children´s Village is one of Biltema Foundations Corporate Social Concern Projects.

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