“New Packet. Used Once. Safely Disposed.”

The LifeSaver Project

The Biltema Foundation supports the SafePoint Trust which was set up by Marc Koska to improve basic healthcare provision around the world. Their biggest issue is to focus on safe injections by means of non-reusable syringes. The LifeSaver Campaign shall raise the awareness of disease being transmitted by unsafe injections. The target is to reduce the number of medical injections contaminated with blood from HIV patients and others with diseases which can be transmitted this way. We are proud to be part of a global campaign by enabling the SafePoint Trust to promote and elevate Marc Koska as an ambassador for his LifeSaver campaign.

The use of unsterile syringes is widespread in hospitals and medical centres across the world, especially in developing countries. According to estimations of The World Health Organisation, blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B are being widely transmitted by unsafe injections, which alone kill 1.3 million people each year. Every 24 seconds a person dies because of receiving an injection from an unclean syringe. Yet people are still unaware of the extent of the problem, or are often even unwilling to acknowledge its existence. The SafePoint Trust is working to ensure the adoption of Auto-Disable (AD) syringes, since its foundation in 2006. AD syringes are a type of syringe that can be manufactured as cheaply as standard ones, only used once, to avoid transmission of disease.

The SafePoint trust is working in close corporation with politicians, governments, business leaders, national and global health organisations and medical staff to raise the awareness of the problem for the injections safety. By working closely with major health organizations, such as the WHO and PATH, the SafePoint trust is looking for a way to communicate the message of the LifeSaver Project.

Reusing Syringes is murder. Medical practitioners are blindly giving unsafe injections, using the same syringe over and over again, syringes that are probably contaminated with viruses or disease. They do not have the resources to do otherwise and they lack the knowledge about the consequences. Therefore the SafePoint Trust also runs public awareness programs for the general public as well as all medical workers. Another target is to enable a policy to make AD syringes standard and available in countries where they are needed the most.

LifeSaver is intended to act as an instantly recognisable guarantee of a safe injection. The logo will be stamped on all packaging, signifying that this is a new and clean syringe and needle, which can be used only once and will then be disposed of safely.

Governments who adopt the LifeSaver Campaign will ensure that:

  • Healthcare providers will only use LifeSaver branded syringes as these give the highest level of confidence to the patient. They will show the patient for each injection that the syringe has just been removed from a sealed packet, used and disabled and disposed of
  • The public will be informed through mass media that their right is to demand a LifeSaver syringe and injection each and every time
  • The advantages for Governments are:
  • Recognised as safe to deliver supported or donor financed health programmes. LifeSaver acts as a seal of quality in primary healthcare
  • Costs savings through eliminating secondary infections that need treatment and often reduce effectiveness of the primary treatment
  • Increased production within the health system

WHO Global Injection Safety Policy

A milestone has been achieved by Marc Koska and the SafePoint Trust in 2015 when the WHO enabled the 3rd ever Global Policy. This Global Injection Safety campaign will aim to reduce unnecessary injections worldwide and ensure that only AD (Auto Disable)/RUP (Reuse Prevention) syringes are used for the therapeutic sector.



More Information

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